Review: Alien by Thierry Mugler

By on April 21, 2013

Vanaag vond ik een sample van Alien by Therry Mugler in het magazine Linda. Mijn mening over deze parfum: hij ruikt heerlijk naar jasmijn, bloemen, mos, hout en amber. Verder vanille, sandelhout, citrus, meloen, perzik en aroma!

Today I found a sample of Alien by Thierry Mugler in a magazine. Here is my opinion:A lien smells a bit like jasmine, flowers,  moss, wood and a bit of amber. Furthermore these is a scent of vanilla, sandalwood, citrus, melon, peach and plum in the aroma.

THIERRY_MUGLER_AlienAs others might discribe it as ‘oriental  and woody’. The scent is mysterious and a bit heavy, not so heavy as Channel but it comes close and it would stick with you for a long time. The light fresh scents you can smell right away if you put it on, the heavier scents you smell after a minute or 2/3.

My opinion is that Alien is a nice fragrance but you gotta love it. I think that after a while I get bored of the smell and even annoyed if I smell it for a whole day. As I read other reviews online, some people love it and will spray it all day long.

The bottle of Alien is nice, well it looks nice in advertisements. Bright purple with gold lines but if you Google it, the bottle turns up non-Photoshoped and I notice right that some bottles aren’t that bright purple? Could be the way it’s been photographed, so I can’t tell you if it’s true or not. The bottle is an ‘issue’, same as the smell you gotta love it or not. I like the bottle,


because it’s not a standard model like square or round. There are beautiful lines in the bottle and purple and gold has always been my favorite color combination.

Do you own Alien by Thierry Mugler? Share your opinion!

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