Pandora Collection Fall 2013

By on July 17, 2013

Pandora, a fashion brand that creates lovely jewerly for you to explore. It started with a simple chain and a cute bead, and in no time you have several hanging on the chain you got as presents for your birthday, graduation and such. For this season, Pandora goes Enchanted Forest for the Fall. Check it out now!


Pandora’s new line for this Fall is all about magic in the forest. The green beads and red trails or a must have for this upcoming season. The collection is based on the forest where beauty and mystery are coming together. Think of colorful and artistic charms with a good sense of humor but also a strong personality and off course, the lovely beads.

Pandora’s Enchanted Forest collection is a translation of the enchanted forest and fairy tales. Think of romantic leaf charms, mysterious creatures, romance and nostalgia, warm tones such as green, but also ice-blue for a real winter fairy tale.

One thing is certain, Pandora knows to seduce us again and we can not wait for their new jewelry line. That will make Autumn and Winter a lot more pleasant, right?

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